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  • Organic Nature’s Living Superfood is a green alkalising food supplement. It is derived from a complex blend of raw green plant-based ingredients with probiotics and enzymes, all of which assist in allowing the body to absorb the nutrients it needs and support digestive health. "Eat your greens", is one of the best recommendations for a healthy lifestyle. 

    276 AED
    In Stock
  • Organic Nature's Living Superfood is a complex blend of raw green superfoods, plant juices, algaes and enzymes to support your daily nutritional needs and make you feel like a supermodel. 150g.

    150 AED
    In Stock
  • Youth Fountain by ALLKME is a powerful vegan collagen booster that restores your youthful glow. Strengthens the roots of your hair, fights the signs of aging and minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 60 capsules. 

    225 AED
    In Stock
  • Transform your life in 30 seconds a day with the most potent blend of alkalizing greens, antioxidant superfoods, vitamins and minerals - ALLKME's Green Elixir nourishes your body from within. This complex superfoods powder will assure you the much-needed daily dose of energy and balance. 

    310 AED
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  • A potent source of protein, spirulina is among the world’s most popular supplements. Kiki Health’s Spirulina powder is a strain grown organically in Southern India surrounded by natural forests and very far away from urban areas. Certified organic Spirulina Powder by Kiki Health is a luxury health food. 

    125 AED
    In Stock
  • Sun Potion's Jasmine Tocos is a creamy and and extra-rich addition to any alchemical pantry. This material is the water and fat soluble portions of 100% Organic Thai Jasmine Rice Bran.  Deliciously creamy, Jasmine Tocos supports radiant skin. 

    164 AED
    In Stock
  • Chlorella is one of the most nutritionally dense foods in the world. Kiki Health'’s Organic Chlorella Tablets are the best, easiest way to enjoy all the benefits of the micro-algae chlorella - is of the highest organic grade and carefully tested to to ensure that is completely pure. High in Vitamin B12 and rich in protein and fibre.

    88 AED
    In Stock
  • Goji berry has been used for over 2000 years in traditional Chinese medicine - they are high in vitamin A and C.  Kiki Health uses 100% organic goji berries that are freeze-dried to preserve their delicate enzymes and nutrients. 

    65 AED
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Showing 1 - 8 of 8 items
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