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Ancient & Brave - List of products

When Hollywood naturopath, Annelie Whitfield, met media lawyer and entrepreneur, Kate Prince, a shared idea became a new way of living - Ancient + Brave was born to help you awake your true potential.

They are passionate about lifestyle and fasting strategies that allow our bodies to naturally rejuvenate. It's not just about losing weight.

Ancient + Brave redefines fasting, thanks to the coffee and cacao found in their blends, the key amino acids in True Collagen and the healthy fats in True MCT metabolic oil. 

"We’re not perfect yet, but we’re trying damn hard to be..."

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  • True MCT Oil combines two medium chain fats C8 and C10 which help elevate ketones to support fat burn, boost your brain power and keep you fuller for longer.  True MCT is the perfect metabolic oil - can help you quickly lose weight. No wonder it's called the secret fat that makes you thin. Vegan and paleo friendly.

    165 AED
  • All the benefits of True MCT oil in individually wrapped servings. MCT oil is a health supplement that creates nutritional ketosis and activates the body to burn fat for fuel, True MCT oil satiates the body and enhances energy levels. Wherever you are on your beauty journey, True MCT oil is a perfect solution when you’re on the go.  

    95 AED
    In Stock
  • Anyone in the mood for coffee? Enjoy delicious Ancient and Brave's organic Coffee + Collagen, enriched with 2000mg of nourishing collagen and crammed with nutrients including Siberian ginseng and sweet raw cacao. Made from finely-ground organic Brazilian Coffee, is the best morning go-to for gorgeous hair, skin, and nails.  High in protein and fibre. 

    170 AED
    In Stock
  • A deliciously chocolate blend packed with organic Peruvian raw cacao and enriched with organic cinnamon, Himalayan Pink Salt and a 2000mg generous amount of True Collagen in every serving.  High fiber ancient + Brave's Cacao + Collagen contains also theobromine - a mild stimulant - so it's an excellent gentle boost in the morning. A great option for...

    170 AED
    In Stock
  • Now you can have your collagen to go!  This incredibly handy True Collagen sachets have been formulated with highly absorbable, sustainably sourced grass-fed collagen.  Beautifully pure. Use regularly for faster tissue repair and glowing skin. 

    75 AED
    In Stock
  • Ancient + Brave's True Collagen is a collagen supplement of the highest quality, full of key amino acids to enhance your natural beauty and packaged in a reusable amber glass jar. Sustainably sourced, True Collagen is highly absorbable and tasteless - you can mix it with smoothies or coffee.  Replenish your body with every sip. 

    180 AED
    In Stock
Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items
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